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Casinos in Bloemfontein and Cape Town

We continue our look at the best casinos South Africa has to offer, and in this article Bloemfontein and Cape Town become the focus points. If you are in or near these areas and you want the best way to relax, check out these casinos.

Windmill Casino

The Windmill Casino in Bloemfontein can be found just off the N1 highway, and whether you just want to make a quick stop or book in for a holiday, you’ll enjoy every second. With 350 slot machines and 18 tables it might not be the biggest casino in the world, but it’s well worth checking out. The games you like are bound to be there. But there is also entertainment for the whole family. For example, Thursday nights are karaoke nights and there is always a good show to watch. For all the single guys there is even a special Men’s Night.

Naledi Sun Hotel and Casino

This fantastic casino and hotel is a 45 minute drive away from Bloemfontein, and can be found in the small town of Thaba Nchu. It’s a very popular destination for business people, given the conference accommodation. But for South African gamblers it’s one of the prime destinations for a very good time. Let the kids enjoy their games while you try to strike the mystery jackpot. There are smoking and non-smoking sections and the slot machine bets start at a low 1c, unless you prefer the bigger R5 slots.

GrandWest Casino

If you’re heading towards the coastline, then the GrandWest Casino in Cape Town is the place to visit. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to a Vegas Casino setting without leaving South African soil. With 24 hour service, you can play whenever the bug bites you. As for the rest of the family, there are more than enough entertainment thanks to the ice station, cosmic bowling alley and fun games.

Playing Online South African Casinos

There isn’t really way of getting past the fact that these places can get somewhat expensive, not to mention the costs of getting to these destinations. So what’s the alternative if you’re a South African gambler? Take the challenge online. There are so many benefits if you decide to play online and convenience has to be at the top of that list. Not having to leave you’re room, but still getting the chance to win millions sounds like a pretty good deal. You won’t have any other expenses to worry about or the need for any kind of accommodation.

But do take note if you gamble online there are many casinos to choose from. Which one will suite you best? First and foremost, choose a casino that lets you play with local currency, such as the casinos we have listed in our reviews. The moment you have to convert your money is the moment you pay extra and you wait longer for deposits, along with withdrawals.

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