Some of the Great South African Casinos – Land Based

It’s interesting to note that gambling hasn’t been legal for very long in South Africa. Compared to other countries we are still in the growing stages and we’ve already established some of the best casinos in the world. So what are the greatest land based South African casinos? Where should you go if you want to try your luck properly and remember the experience long afterwards? Look no further than our list.

Rio Casino

Just as the lively city in South America, the Rio Casino in South Africa is just as exciting. It’s got energy, it’s got spirit, but most of all, you’ve got 24 hour access to slot machines, blackjack tables and everything else you’d expect to find inside the casino. This is where you want to be if you want ‘n night of pure gambling excitement. You can find the Rio Casino in Klerksdorp.

Monte Casino

There are no less than 1700 slots, along with 70 poker and other gaming tables, you’ll be thoroughly entertained at this luxurious casino. With special theaters for amazing shows, special sections to keep the kids happy and restaurants with delicious meals, it’s no surprise why people make it a holiday destination. Monte Casino is situated in Johannesburg.

Suncoast Casino

The Suncoast Casino might be a little smaller than the Monte Casino, but if you love a beach setting while you gamble then this is the perfect place. It houses about 1300 slot machines while offering 50 poker and other game tables. Durban is the place to find the Suncoast Casino.

The Boardwalk Casino

Among the top casinos in South Africa, the Boardwalk Casino has to be considered a heavy weight. Situated in Port Elizabeth, this is a resort the whole family can enjoy. With what seems like an endless supply of slot and table games, there are also indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness facility and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy VIP treatment.

Sun City Casino

If you live in South Africa then you’ve probably heard about the Sun City Casino. It is considered the number one casino simply because the entertainment seems endless. There are more slot machines than you can count and the sites you can see are breathtaking.

Online Casinos

However, not everyone can afford to go to these land based casinos in South Africa. And what about when you come home on a Wednesday night in the mood to gamble just a little bit? Are you going to drive all the way to a casino or would you rather sit on your couch and play online? Your chances of winning are exactly the same, the only difference is that you are playing in the convenience of your own home.

Just remember that when you do decide to play at an online casino, make sure it supports the ZAR currency. The reason for this is that you will have less hassle making deposits and withdrawals. But more importantly, you won’t have to pay extra costs for the conversion. Do yourself a favor and try playing through online casinos and see how much fun it can be.

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