Springbok Casino Review

Springbok casino za review

Springbok casino is a new casino in South Africa which is accepting the country’s currency, the rand. It embraces the South African culture in all available aspects. It offers more than 200 online quality casino games which include most people favorites, and it also includes a wide range of top-notch themed slots. It offers thee user premiums and also an internet casino gaming software which is world class in nature.


For a first time user, the casino is offering you a bonus welcome of 11,500 random top of that, one can further claim 500 rand absolutely free by depositing an equivalent amount and then using the bonus code which is known as facelift.


It has also launched slot tournaments and on top of this it is offering slot tournaments which are free roll. The free roll are basically free to buy and to compliment that, there are guaranteed wins for the tournament. Most of the free roll have a guaranteed prize pool of 500rand, the winner usually gets most of the payout and also the next following five positions will also be paid but lesser amounts.

It also provides other tournaments which are paid buy-in but which there is no guarantee on the prize pool and the prize pool is dependent of the number of people who enter into the slots, the value of the buy-in and the number of the add-ons which are utilized throughout the tournament. These tournaments are a great source of fun and also passing time. Also they enable a person to earn lots of money despite spending very little amounts.

Why it’s the best

One of the advantages is that it has launched a mobile casino which supports android, windows and also edge systems, this type of casino offers more than 200 games and it’s highly convenient. This is because what one simply requires is a mobile phone with the software installed in it.

Secondly on top of the bonuses discussed above, it also offers other types of rewards like it offers double points in some of the games. It also offers drawings from time to time for special awards such as trips, rewards etc. It also provides a VIP program and privileges to the best players. Also the daily slot tournaments offers a form of motivation to the players.

It also offer a customer support system which is twenty for hours. Therefore it’s convenient to the players. In case one has a query, he or she can receive very quick and useful responses concerning any questions relating to the game. The live chat option at the very bottom is mostly preferred because a player can comfortably direct the assistant to the exact position of the problem. As we all know the verbal explanation tends to be very difficult. Thus this helps in minimizing that problem.

In conclusion, the Springbok casino is actually the best casino in South Africa. It offers the best rewards and bonuses a casino can also offer. Also it appreciates new players and even offers them very warm welcomes. With these features I would urge every reader to join this casino since it’s simply the best.


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