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The Best Casinos in Durban and Johannesburg

If you’re planning a trip to Johannesburg or Durban, then you have to make a point to visit the following casinos.

Monte Casino

Located in Sandton, Johannesburg, Monte Casino opened it’s doors in 2000. It was designed by Creative Kingdom, a company in America, and it was brought to life by South African architects Bentel Associates International. Every year it attracts more than 9 million visitors and the premise of the building is based on an ancient Tuscan village. Building this authentic casino came to a bill of about about R1.6 billion, so you know everything inside is top quality. The fake sky inside the main casino is very realistic and it creates a very open atmosphere.


Emperors Palace

In Kempton Park, Johannesburg, you’ll find the luxury casino and resort called Emperors Palace. This is another gem when it comes to South African casinos and you’ll definitely feel like an emperor when you walk in there. Enjoy the cashless games, amazing restaurants and priceless entertainment. Once inside it feels as if you are entering a different world.

emperors palace


The Suncoast Casino can be found in the northern part of Durban’s Golden Mile and it boasts with the biggest casino complex in South Africa. The semi-private beach has also been voted as one of the top three, so you know you’re in for a treat. As you can expect, there are several restaurants inside and lots of entertainment. It’s interesting to note that A1 Grand Prix uses the surrounding streets for their only scheduled street races and recreational cyclists have made Suncoast their primary area of training. The casino design is mainly based on the rich culture that can be found across Durban.


Sibaya Casino and Entertainment World

Set in the green hills of Kwazulu Natal and overlooking the Indian Ocean, Sibaya Casino resort offers a life-changing experience. It’s barely a 5km drive from the King Shaka International Airport and it features enough entertainment for adults and children alike.


What if you can’t get to these Luxury Casinos?

The answer is very simple for those who can’t get to these great South African casinos. Whether it’s matter of affordability or time, all you have to do is register at the online South African casinos. From the comfort of your living room couch you can enjoy all the games these casinos have to offer, but without all the added expenses.

Basically you have to decide what’s important to you. If you want to spoil the family with a nice getaway, then you’ll probably want to make the trip. But if you simply want to challenge lady luck, then the online route is the way to go. There are several online casinos you can play at, however, it’s important that you stick with those that allow local currency. Being able to make bets in ZAR means you don’t have to wait for any conversions, which means less hassle and you avoid unnecessary conversions rates.

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